Devblog #0 – The beginning

Hello and welcome to our devblog!

You might have some questions about all of this so I will try to answer a few. First of all let me introduce myself, I’m José Luis García (aka. JoseluGames), and together with my friend Joshua Aguilar (aka. Aguipeg), we have started what could potentially be the journey of our lives, and no, we are not traveling all around the globe, even though that sounds very cool, we are here to create videogames and build a local comunity of game developers along the way.  We are based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Joshua and I have worked together in another local gamedev company for almost a year and when we finished there we realized that we wanted to create more things together, with him as game designer and artist and me as programmer.

What is Blank Name Games?

We more or less have a solid idea of what we want Blank Name Games to be. We want to create something that reflects our values and our aspirations, and breaks away from the local industry’s limitations. We also aim to become a leading company with the help of all the talented people that surround us. To achieve that we will create bespoke teams for each of our projects, contacting the videogame designers, artists, music composers and programmers around us and offering them support as we grow together. And on our way to our goals we want to share as much as we can with you, and that’s why we have created a devblog, which is not only going to be focused on pure game dev, but also on our experiences thoughout the whole process.

Do you have something to show us already?

We have already started creating a videogame and we want to share a lot of it with you, but… we can’t, we have submitted it to the Premios de impulso a la innovación de Palma Activa (Palma Activa’s innovation impulse awards) and one of the requirements is to have an unpublished game, we will start showing you stuff the 12th of this month, which is the day the the awards are given and the veto is lifted.