Devblog #2 – Antrum

Hello and welcome to another devblog. This week we have made public our current project “Antrum”. Let’s talk about it!

What is Antrum?

Antrum is a 2D platformer game where the player will go down a cave searching for relics. On the first levels of the cave the enemies are violent but the deeper you go the friendlier they become. The catch is that you can die both by taking too much damage and by receiving too much affection, so you will constantly have to make sure you keep your lifebar halfway between full and empty without reaching either end. You will be able to sell the relics you find to buy items that help you as you make your way even deeper into the cave.

How long have you been working on it?

As you may guess by the teaser and screenshots, Antrum is in a late stage of development. Work on Antrum started the 5th of September and was set to release at the end of November. It was supposed to be a 2-month-long project where we could test a customized workflow that we could use confortably and releasing a game before starting bigger projects.

We wanted to wait some time before releasing anything to the public, on the last weeks of September we had a lot of art that we could’ve shown you, but we couldn’t because we stumbled uppon the Palma Activa Awards and we wanted to give it a try. As we mentioned on previous blogs, one of the requiriements was to not have anything published about the game, so as we had not published anything about Antrum yet, we submited it. That made it impossible to publish the game at the end of November as the awards were given the 12th of December (We got 2nd place).

So why is not out already?

Joshua and I were pretty happy with Antrum already, it was lacking some features but nothing to big. Then one of our friends, Marc Cantallops (Twitter) got in touch with us to join the team. Marc is a local game designer, currently teaching the game design subject in a local game development HND course. We have worked with Marc before on a game jam project and the three of us got along very well and liked how each other work.

He offered us the possibility of improving Antrum and taking it a step further, so we have given ourselves 2 more months of development to finish Antrum. We are going to add as much content as possible before the release date, after that the content left will be added on post-release updates.

Then, what is the release date?

We are aiming to release Antrum the 14th of February, as we think the date is very appropriate for the game’s theme.

Which platforms?

Antum is going to be released on Steam, the store page is already up, so go ahead and add Antrum to your wishlist by going here: Steam Store.

We would also like to release it on Nintendo Switch. We have emailed Nintendo about it and are currently waiting for their reply.

How much will it cost?

We still do not have a clear price tag, it depends on the content that finally gets added to the game, we think that it will be between 4.99 and 9.99 USD.

Do you have any publisher?

No, we do not have any and we are not searching for one either. We want to try to self-publish our games. That means that we are going to do all the work from start to end, including marketing and financial work. It may be a bit crazy but we feel like doing some experimenting, seeing what works and what not, and most importantly, improving with experience.