Devblog #4 – Holidays are over

Hello everyone, we hope you had a nice Christmas! We didn’t write a devblog las week due to being on holidays, but now that the holidays are over, welcome to our fourth devblog. Now, let’s get into the news!


First news is that we’ve set up a Discord Server where you can talk to us about Antrum, the devblogs, ask questions, give feedback, etc. So don’t hesitate and join us here:

What are we up to?

We have not really done much during the holidays, apart from eating a lot of course. Joshua’s been working on a few new sprites for some items that we implemented just before Christmas and José added buffs to the enemies and functionality to some powerups.

As you see we are still working on adding as much content as we can. Our next step, now that we have new items, will be adding new enemies. They are already designed, they just need the sprites and programming.

Marc and Joshua also worked on designing some extra rooms for the cave generation system, that took into account some new gameplay mechanics and elements they designed to make the cave a bit more interesting and give it more variation.

Cover Art

We currently have a sketch of what’s going to become the cover of Antrum, the cover artist is @_hethian_ on instagram. He’s done a great job on the sketch, Antrum’s characters look amazing in his style. We can’t wait to see the final cover in full colour and show it to you.