Devblog #5 – One month left

Hello once again, welcome to our 5th devblog. We can’t believe it’s only one month until Antrum’s release date, time flies! Let’s go ahead and have a look at what we’ve been doing this week.


As you might have seen on our social media, we’ve been adding some lighting to the cave. We’ve darkened the cave overall and we’ve added torches to make certain areas lighter. The light from these torches will flicker and move to give the impression of flames moving. We also added lighting to other elements, like explosions for example. We will get into more detail on next weeks devblog on how we created the shadows and made the sprites recieve them.


Yes, we’ve created explosive barrels that you can hit to make your enemies explode. We will also have another explosive item that instead of damaging enemies it will give them love. But we won’t spoil that one for now.


We are currently working on the intro and ending cutscenes and all the dialog lines for every character in the game. The intro is already implemented and looks very cool (if we say so ourselves). As you might know, the story is about little children that are sent into the cave by their tribe’s elders in order to recover the idol statue that was stolen from their village by the monsters that live underground. Weather he succeeds or not is up to you, the player. Will you manage to recover the idol and uncover the plot?

Apart from Antrum

Apart for Antrum we are working on growing as a team, so Blank Name Games has entered the “Explorer: Jóvenes con ideas” by SantanderX program, this is an opportunity for us to learn and discover the best way develop our ideas and succeed as a team.