Devblog #6 – Gameplay

Hi! With the release date getting closer and closer we are working as hard as we can to get everything working great, so this week has been full of new things. But first let’s take a look at some new gameplay and then talk about lighting as we promised in last week’s blog.

How does the lighting work?

As you may know, we use Unity as our game engine and it already provided some of the framework for the lighting. But it wasn’t enough to to get what we wanted, so we modified the sprites shaders to allow them to recieve light and shadows, and for the shadow creation we created a script that spawned cubes on the sprites that should block the light, then merge them all together and make them cast shadows. It took us a while to get it to what we wanted but we are happy now with the results!

What has happend this week?

One of the big features of this week was the NPC dialogue system, Jose was not happy with how or previous one was made and it was not easy to add more dialogue with it so he started on creating a new one, one that will work for future projects and acts as a “plugin”.

The dialogue graph

As you may suppose by the title, the new dialogue system is node based. We created a custom Unity Editor Window that behaves more or less like the Animator Window. The system is composed of Nodes and inside the nodes are the Components. In the nodes there is one input, and on the components there is none or one output. This system allows for modularity as custom nodes are quite easy to create and for recursive dialogue (The last node can call the first node). We are not going to release it anywhere (yet) as it is very rough, but as we polish it we may put it on the Asset Store.


This week is going to be press related, so we have been polishing a lot of aspects of the game, visuals and mechanics, and started to balance the values. If you are from the press and wish to obtain a press key so you can make a post/announcement/first impressions/whatever don’t hesitate and just send us an email to , we would love to hear from you!