Devblog #8 – Just 9 days left

Hi! Welcome to the 8th devblog, Antrum is set to release in just 2 weeks from now, so we don’t have much new content to show you, as these weeks have been mostly for polishing and administrative tasks, but anyway here is what’s new this week!

A great cover

Our friend Gabriel Vich (@_hethian_ at Instagram, @BiViTweet at Twitter) made a cover image for Antrum and we are thrilled with the result! Take a look:

New enemies

Appart from the cover we’ve added some new enemies to make the game more challenging, like spiders that crawls on the walls or some that sneak on you and explode if you are not fast avoiding them.

Beta testing

On the more technical aspects of the development we are having some troubles on MacOS but we expect to fix them these week. Also, we are working on designing the company to make it profitable so we can create more and more games for you to enjoy!